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We respect your privacy.

In a nutshell, we don't sell your contact information to spammers, period.

What information about me does Home Tuition Job collects when I sign up? To use Home Tuition Job service, you must sign up for an acccount. Unlike some other web services, we only require minimal data when a person opens an account: an email address, a login name; and a password. Your password is encrypted before storing into our database. The administrators will not be able to see or retrieve your password. If you've forgotten your password, you need to generate a new password with the lost password facility on our website.
What information is collected when I use Home Tuition Job? When you use Home Tuition Job, we collect information about your account activity; your interaction with user interface elements and links; your IP address; and other log information.
Who can see my information? Apart from the administrators team(us), we may release your information to parents or students that requested information about you with the intention of hiring you. In addition, we may release your information to the government or tax authority if demanded by law or subpoena. To protect the privacy of your account, keep your password secret and be sure to log out when you finish using Home Tuition Job.
Will my account be deleted if I don't use it? No.